iPhone 6 Free Mockups for Product Presentation

iPhone 6 Free Mockups for Product Presentation

iPhone 6 Free Mockups for Product Presentation here for you! Mockups have become a favorite tool for creating many upscale presentations today. Designers use them to introduce the product to the masses effectively, thus winning their attention and smiles. Such presentations can surprise with overall vibe set up by artistic allure and professional look. You can be sure that the target audience will never miss the products with such aesthetically pleasing demonstration. I want to offer you a special set of iPhone 6 free mockups that will definitely cause a wow effect.

Most of the presented below items are photo-realistic mockups that have a highly engaging look. Immersing your design projects in such ambience, you bring a power of effectiveness into them and make more inviting to the viewers.

Actually, it’s the main goal of a mockup – a scaled or real size model of a certain device, used to create a product preview.
As you can guess, it’s easier to win the hearts of the audience when you offer them a stunning presentation of whatever product, and that’s possible with mockups.

How to Work with Mockups

Most mockups from this collection are .psd files that you can easily customize and add your design into them. Download any archive from the list below. Open it in Adobe Photoshop and find a fully editable layer with the name like “replace” or “design”, click it and place your design within. When it’s done, save the final result as .jpg or .png depending on your needs. As you see, you’ll need just several steps to fulfill the mission and get a memorable presentation.

Which One to Choose

Among a variety of mockups I’ve opted for iPhone 6 items, ‘cause they are sure-fire solutions for creating an engaging demonstration. People all over the globe went crazy over iPhone 6 release, and it’s a good opportunity to make use of its popularity for your own benefit. This model boasts of the larger screen resolution than its previous versions, so its mockups offer more place for your designs, making them more visible.

iPhone 6 Free Mockups

Look through the compilation of silver, gold and space gray models of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 free mockup templates in front and angled projection. Some archives contain .psd files, the others .ai which means that you download scalable vector images that remain their quality while resizing.

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iPhone 6 Mockups

iPhone6 Flat Mockup

iPhone 6 Free Mockup

iPhone 6 Plus Mockup

Free iPhone Mockup

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Free Mockup

iPhone6 Mockup

iPhone 6 Three Quarters View Mockup

iPhone 6 free PSD Mockup

iPhone 6 Flat Mockup

Iphone 6 Mockup PSD

iPhone 6 Photorealistic PSD Mockups

Free PSD iPhone 6

Free iPhone Template

Free iPhone 6 PLUS Templates

Realistic iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mockups copy

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