To know about us, you got to know our vision, mission, what we do and why us!


Our vision is to provide a service where you have only 100% satisfaction with 0% complain.


We are providing a service where you will enjoy the freedom of having full control over what you buy from us. We provide a service what we as a customer would want from another company. We provide a service where you do not need to fit in, we fit in your idea.

What we do!

In simple words “we satisfy you”! We provide a hosting service where we not only tell that we give 99.9% up-time assurance, but also we provide it. We do not sell a domain without a control panel for you. We never create a website for you which you cannot use or alter if you want.

Before we make you our customer, we think what we would ask from another service provider and we provide you that service thus you can never be dissatisfied.

Why us?

SiteNameBD started its journey with a vision to provide services thus customers can only be satisfied. Through its journey of last two years, we exactly 0 (zero) customers leaving us*. We provide service where you take full control of your domain and hosting. We do not keep your domain locked down thus you can never leave us. We give you the freedom to change or do what ever you want to do with your domain and hosting. We have provided solutions to the problems so quickly that a single customer never became dissatisfied. We design your website with care and teach you how to change the contents of your site thus you are not bound to come back to us to change anything on your service.

We have lots of customers who suggests others to buy services from us. It is a simple example how good service we provide to you.

In short we would like to say that we give value to your money. We are ready to do anything that makes you feel the freedom. That is not all about SiteNameBD, keep exploring

* Some customers are there who never continued their website. So we do not count it as leaving us.